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Business and Management Question – Challenges to Effective Management Processes

Write a one to two (1–2) page paper in which you discuss the single biggest challenge to effective management process and one (1) recommendation for addressing that challenge.

The format of the paper is to be as follows:

Typed, double-spaced, New Times Roman font (size 12), one-inch margins on all sides. APA format.
In addition to the one to two (1–2) pages required, a title page is to be included. is to contain the title of the assignment, your name, the instructor’s name, the course title, and the date.

Business and Management Question – Managing in a Global Business Envir- Ethics, Corporate Social responsibliy

Managing in a Global Business Envir- Ethics, Corporate Social responsibility

Ethical Issues at Apple page 132.

The closing case describes the deplorable working conditions at the Apple factory in China page 132 (look below). Wages are very low and working conditions are poor.What do you think apple should do to ethically to correct this Problem?

Ethical Issues at Apple

In mid-2006, news reports surfaced suggesting there were systematic labor abuses at a factory in China that makes the iPhone and iPod for Apple, Inc. According to the reports, workers at Hongfujin Precision Industry were paid as little as $50 a month to work 15-hour shifts making Apple products. There were also reports of forced overtime and poor living conditions for the workers, many of them young women who had migrated from the countryside to work at the plant and lived in company-owned dormitories.

The 2006 articles were the work of two Chinese journalists, Wang You and Weng Bao, employed by China Business News, a state-run newspaper. The target of the reports, Hongfujin Precision Industry, was reportedly China’s largest export manufacturer with overseas sales totaling $14.5 billion. Hongfujin is owned by Foxconn, a large Taiwanese conglomerate, whose customers (in addition to Apple) include Intel, Dell, and Sony Corporation. The Hongfujin factory is a small city in its own right, with clinics, recreational facilities, buses, and 13 restaurants that serve the 200,000 employees.

Upon hearing the news, Apple management responded quickly, pledging to audit the operations to make sure Hongfujin was complying with Apple’s code on labor standards for subcontractors. Managers at Hongfujin took a somewhat different tack; they filed a defamation suit against the two journalists, suing them for $3.8 million in a local court, which promptly froze the journalists’ personal assets pending a trial. Clearly, the management of Hongfujin was trying to send a message to the journalist community—criticism would be costly. The suit sent a chill through the Chinese journalist community because Chinese courts have shown a tendency to favor powerful, locally based companies in legal proceedings.

Within six weeks, Apple had completed its audit. The company’s report suggested that although workers had not been forced to work overtime and were earning at least the local minimum wage, many had worked more than the 60 hours a week allowed for by Apple, and their housing was substandard. Under pressure from Apple, management at Hongfujin agreed to bring practices in line with Apple’s code, committing to building new housing for employees and limiting work to 60 hours a week.

However, Hongfujin did not immediately withdraw the defamation suit. In an unusually bold move in a country where censorship is still common, China Business News gave its unconditional backing to Wang and Weng. The Shanghai-based news organization issued a statement arguing that what the two journalists did “was not a violation of any rules, laws, or journalistic ethics.” The Paris-based Reporters Without Borders also took up the case of Wang and Weng, writing a letter to Apple’s then CEO, the late Steve Jobs, stating, “We believe that all Wang and Weng did was to report the facts and we condemn Foxconn’s reaction. We therefore ask you to intercede on behalf of these two journalists so that their assets are unfrozen and the lawsuit is dropped.”

Once again, Apple moved quickly, pressuring Foxconn behind the scenes to drop the suit. Foxconn agreed to do so and issued a “face-saving” statement saying the two sides had agreed to end the dispute after apologizing to each other “for the disturbances brought to both of them by the lawsuit.” The experience shed a harsh light on labor conditions in China. At the same time, the response of the Chinese media, and China Business News in particular, point toward the emergence of some journalistic freedoms in a nation that has historically seen news organizations as a mouthpiece for the state.

More recent news may indicate new ethical concerns at Apple’s production facilities in China. In a 2014 story by BBC News, Apple is again the center of issues related to workers’ hours, ID cards, housing arrangements, work meetings, and juvenile workers at its Pegatron facilities on the outskirts of Shanghai. Apple disagreed strongly with the portray of the Pegatron factory’s working conditions, and stated in the BBC News article that “We are aware of no other company doing as much as Apple to ensure fair and safe working conditions.”

Sources: R. Bilton, “Apple Failing to Protect Chinese Factory Workers,” BBC News, December 18, 2014; E. Kurtenbach, “The Foreign Factory Factor,” Seattle Times, August 31, 2006, pp. C1, C3; Elaine Kurtenbach, “Apple Says It’s Trying to Resolve Dispute over Labor Conditions at Chinese iPod Factory,” Associated Press Financial Wire, August 30, 2006; “Chinese iPod Supplier Pulls Suit,” Associated Press Financial Wire, September 3, 2006. Copyright (c) 2006 by Associated Press. Used with permission

Business and Management Question – multiple choice questions about Psychology

1.You do an experiment to show that smoking causes cancer. What is the dependent variable?A. Whether participants develop cancer or not

B. Whether participants smoke or not

C. The number of participants in the experiment

D. Experiments do not have dependent variables

2.Which of the following procedures is only relevant to experimental research?

A. Operational definitions

B. Random selection (also called random sampling)

D. Random assignment

3.Carl is conducting a study to see if room temperature affects memory performance during a classroom setting. He splits his participants into three groups and has them each watch an instructional video in a different room. He makes the temperature in one room slightly warmer than normal, another slightly colder than normal, and the third he keeps at a typical room temperature. Afterwards, he quizzes his subjects on the content of the video and compares their performance. Carl’s study would be an example of:

A. Correlational research

B. Experimental research

C. Descriptive Research

D. none of the above

4.You conduct an experiment in which you hypothesize that the moods of participants will be influenced by the amount of light that they are exposed. What is the dependent variable in this study?

A. The amount of light that participants are exposed

B. The number of participants

C. The mood of participants

D. Experimental research does not involve dependent variables

5.To derive a standard deviation you

A. Average all the scores, square them, and then take the square root

B. Take the square root of each score, add the positive roots together, and divide by the number of scores

C. Square each score, subtract the squared score from the mean, sum the difference scores, and take the square root of this value

D. Subtract the mean from each score, and square this value, sum the squares and divide the sums by the number of scores minus 1, then take the square root

6.A correlation of +1.03 is

B. moderately strong

7.What is the outlier in this distribution of numbers [1 1 1 2 3 3 2 4 9]?

8.Headache medicines work in part because you think that they will work. This is called the

A. Hindsight bias

B. Fundamental attribution error

C. Placebo effect

D. Clever Hans Phenomenon

9.Mary is conducting research to see how much time the typical college student spends either talking or texting on their cell phone. She has participants fill out logs of their entire cell phone

usage for a week, along with collecting information such as demographics and their make and model of cell phone. Mary’s study would be considered

A. Correlational research

B. Experimental research

C. Descriptive Research

D. none of the above

10.The positive correlation between ice cream sales and violent crime is most likely explained by the fact that

A. Ice cream can cause severe headaches, which make people more aggressive

B. Violent people tend to enjoy ice cream more than non-violent people

C. Ice cream sales and violent crime both increase when it is hot outside

D. Ice cream contains small traces of cow-produced testosterone, and testosterone has been show to make people more aggressive

11.Gathering a group of students in a class and giving them a survey would be an example of

A. convenience sampling

B. random selection

C. random assignment

D. a clinical outcome study

12.Martha is looking for the potential for mindreading in her fellow students. She thinks of a number and then asks her classmates to clear their mind and attempt to “feel” which number she is thinking of. If someone guesses correctly, she believes she has found a mind reader, no matter how many incorrect guesses the person may have made previously. Martha is conducting

A. Correlational research

B. Experimental research

C. Descriptive Research

D. none of the above

Business and Management Question – journal

Journals allow you to think about how the course content relates to your experiences, philosophies, and beliefs. There are no right or wrong answers; the value lies in your critical thinking. The questions below may spark some ideas regarding language and communication. You do not need to address all the questions; instead, write down your thoughts as they unfold.

You are surrounded by language and communication! Language and communication has become more expansive in our new digital world. While these changes do open many doors, there are also new areas to reflect on. Think about your day today.

How did you communicate?
Is this different than how you communicated 10 years ago?
How about 20 years ago?
Our language and our means of communication have changed over time.
Have our rules and theories also changed?
What about our interactions and expectations?
How about the effectiveness of our communication?
How do you think the new forms of language and abundance of diverse communication methods will affect our children and youth?
What is the impact of this new communication on the “old” forms of communication?
Do you think there will be a change in the language acquisition process?
What might be the advantages and disadvantages of such a change?


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How to write a short story title in an essay 1

How to write a short story title in an essay

Crafting Your Work

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The Writing Life

Fiction Writing – General

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This free script provided by

So what’s in a title? Is it really that important?

You bet it is. Would you rather your job resume say “salesperson” or “marketing representative”? “Clerk” or “service specialist”? “Repairman” or “technician”? One sounds commonplace; the other sounds impressive.

Let’s go a step further. Imagine Boys’ Life billed as Youth Experiences. Or Nightline as Ted’s Late News Roundup. Loses a little something, right? And it’s hard to picture 007 introducing himself as “Dinkins. Arnold Dinkins.”

The same thing applies to story titles. An enjoyable short story or novel might never get read by the public (or, more to the point, by an editor or agent) if the title doesnХt do its job. In the publishing world, a good title is like a good opening paragraph: it should be interesting. It should attract the reader’s attention. At the very least, it should be appropriate to the rest of the piece.

And remember this, too: the title will be what represents your work to the rest of the world, now and forever. When people see your story in bookstores or in an anthology, take it the beach with them, and talk about it to their friends the next day, the first thing they’ll read or speak will be the words in your title. Choose it wisely.

But that’s pretty vague advice. The question is, how do you do it? What makes a good title?

Titles should not be dull. When you browse a shelf full of novels, or a collection of short stories, aren’t you drawn first to the more unusual titles? So are editors, when they look over a stack of submissions. Not that “The House” or “The Tree” won’t be a good story; but titles with a bit more originality stand a better chance. Examples: Gone with the Wind, The High and the Mighty, “The Tin Star,” The Silence of the Lambs, The Maltese Falcon, Watership Down, “The Snows of Kilimanjaro,” Fahrenheit 451, The Color Purple, Atlas Shrugged.

Titles should be easy to remember. It’s hard to tell a neighbor or a colleague about a story if the title’s too long and complicated, or hard to pronounce. It’s a good idea to keep things clear and simple. You might consider Murder on the Wzcyiubjekistan Express the best writing you’ve ever done, or The Tallahatchie Backroad Honky-Tonk Boogie your literary masterpiece, but I doubt either of them would sell. They probably wouldn’t ever make it out of the editor’s slush pile.

Titles should be appropriate. Don’t name your science fiction story “Trouble at Dodge City” just because that’s what the starfleet crew calls your space station. Editors will think you’ve written a Western. Similarly, Lawrence Block mentions, in one of his books on writing, a Charles McGarry espionage novel called The Secret Lovers. Block says its title (which refers to spies, who love secrets) led some readers to believe it would be a romance instead. Examples of titles that “fit” their subjects: Raise the Titanic, The Firm, “A Rose for Emily,” The Caine Mutiny, Presumed Innocent, Love Story, In Cold Blood, Riders of the Purple Sage, The Amityville Horror.

That should help you narrow the field a bit as you try to decide on the right title for your story. But the question remains: How exactly do you find a good title? Where do you begin your search?

  1. A title can be a popular expression.Gone for Good, Something’s Gotta Give, The Horse’s Mouth, The Usual Suspects, Good As Gold, The Whole Nine Yards.

In fact, it has been said that most titles on bestseller lists are no more than three words long. (But they have to be the right words.)

A number of famous writers have come up with a way to make their titles do extra work for them. How? They create titles that follow a pattern unique to their particular “series” of stories.

  • Janet Evanovich uses numbers: One for the Money, Two for the Dough, Three to Get Deadly, Four to Score.

This kind of approach is of course not required to sell or publish your books and stories. But, especially if you’ve considered writing a series, it never hurts to have a recognizable “signature” of some kind, a bright flag that your fans can look for in the bookstore. Titles can provide that.

And don’t worry too much about giving your stories titles that have already been used. At least on that piece of literary ground, you’re on firm footing.

Titles are not copyrightable. If your title is fairly common, and doesn’t deal with the same subject matter as another story with the same name, you shouldn’t run into any legal problems. I once wrote and submitted a short mystery called “Nothing but the Truth,” and didn’t realize until after it was accepted and published that that same title had been used before, by at least one other author.

But that should not be done intentionally. Why run the risk of confusing a reader into thinking your story is someone else’s? Besides, you don’t want the reading public (or your potential editors) to think you’re unoriginal. It’s just as easy to come up with a new title as to re-use an existing one–and a lot more satisfying.

Whatever the source for your inspiration and whatever title you choose, remember that it needs to be a perfect fit for your story. If it isn’t (and even, sometimes, if it is), it can get changed.

Unless you’re a well-known author, the title of your accepted novel is likely to be changed prior to publication, and editors sometimes change the titles of short stories as well. Most of my published stories have retained their original titles, but seven of my nineteen short stories in Woman’s World were renamed by the editors before the issues containing those stories appeared on the stands. Were the new titles better? Who knows. But Woman’s World’s editorial staff are probably familiar with what their readers like, and want. And history will show that changed titles are sometimes a good thing. Case in point: the original title for The Great Gatsby was Trimalchio in West Egg. Yuk.

Since changes are known to occur, should you submit several alternate titles along with your novel or story? No. Select the best title you can, and leave it at that. Sending in a list of second-string choices makes you appear indecisive, and less confident.

But does the fact that the editor may change your title mean you shouldn’t spend a lot of time creating a good one of your own? Absolutely not. According to Pat Kubis and Bob Howland in The Complete Guide to Writing Fiction and Nonfiction, “You need a good title to attract an editor’s eye. Remember, it’s the first thing he or she sees of your work–and the editor who likes your title will begin reading your manuscript in an optimistic frame of mind.”

And we writers need every advantage we can get . . .

Copyright © 2006 John Floyd.

This article may not be reprinted without the author’s written permission.

Mississippi writer John Floyd has sold more than 500 short stories and fillers to 100+ publications, including Strand Magazine, Grit, Woman’s World, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, and Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. His stories have been nominated for both the Pushcart Prize and the Derringer Award.

Copyright © 2017 by Moira Allen. All rights reserved.

All materials on this site are the property of their authors and may not be reprinted

without the author’s written permission, unless otherwise indicated.

For more information please contact Moira Allen, Editor

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What’s an APA Essay Creating Style?

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APA fashion means the American Physiological Affiliation Fashion. 1 may question why a specific writing style was produced into use.
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